Ontario Provincial Parks

On this page, you’ll find links to information on Ontario Park sites that offer the chance to kayak, canoe, or paddleboard on lakes and rivers. On this website, we aim to include information only on parks that have easy to moderate paddling. At the bottom is a list of the more advanced locations with direct links to their own web pages.


Even the safest paddling location can have dangers. Make sure everyone wears their Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and let people know what you will be doing.

If you’ve never paddled before try to get some advice and training before heading out.

Rental Information

If you don’t have your own canoe or kayak some parks offer rentals and a few also have PFDs. Situations change so to avoid disappointment always check availability in advance (park phone numbers are listed on each individual park post) and in a few cases, you can book in advance to reserve your canoe.

R = Rental Available
LO = Local Outfitter

The aim of this website is to include information about paddling so if you want more information about camping or hiking then please visit our other website Mike’s Camping.

Provincial Parks – Kayak, Canoe, or Paddleboard

Beginners & Intermediate

Back-Country & Experienced

The following locations are for more advanced kayakers and canoeists. In some cases, the options for paddlers are only suitable for advanced adventurers and we would strongly recommend using local guides, tour operators, or at the very least, talking with local outfitters.

The following Provincial Parks include opportunities for back-country, whitewater, and large lakes (more like sea kayaking. In several cases, this includes multi-day trips.

Biscotasi Lake – advanced paddlers
Fushimi Lake (back-country)
Kawartha Highlands (back-country)
Killarney – (includes back-country)
Lake Superior
MacGregor Point
Makobe-Grays River (back-country)
Missinaibi (back-country)
Obabika River (back-country)
Sibbald Point
Spanish River
Sturgeon River (whitewater)
Tidewater (backcountry)
Wabakimi (experienced)
Woodland Caribou – backcountry/experienced paddlers