Kettle Lakes Provincial Park – Canoe, Kayak & Paddleboard

Day Use Vehicle Permits: because of the popularity of this park, it is one that may need permits to be purchased in advance in order to guarantee park access. This was started in 2021 and will continue in 2022.
If you’re smart, grab the permit before any visit, even mid-week. We found this out the hard way at our local Provincial Park.
You can buy the vehicle permit up to 5 days in advance, which guarantees you access to the park on that day. If you have an annual or season pass, you should still book your permit online, but there’s no extra charge.

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Contact & Other Information

Phone: 705-363-3511 (summer)
Address: 1350 Municipal Road, Connaught, ON, P0N 1H0
Opening and Closing: May 20, 2022 to October 11, 2022
Kettle Lakes Gatehouse: Latitude: 48.572301, Longitude: -80.891863

If you’re looking for information about camping or hiking at this park, we have more information on our partner website – Kettle Lakes

Canoe & Kayak

Kettle lakes are shallow, freshwater bodies that form when glaciers melt away. They’re known as kettleholes because they look like boiling pots on Earth’s stovetop! An esker is a ridge of gravel left behind by retreating tongues of ice, while erratics are different types of rocks found in these areas.
The most popular lakes in this park include Green, Leg of Lamb, and Hughes. There are a few sandy beaches to explore with nice picnics areas on them!
The lakes are a great place for adventures like canoeing, kayaking, swimming, birding and fishing for rainbow, brook trout, perch and northern pike.

Canoe & Kayak Rental

Canoe rentals are available, including paddles and life jackets in the park

Where to Launch

There is a boat launch that can be used at Hughes Lake

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