Guide to Jones Falls Locks – Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is now closed for navigation for 2022 as of October 10th. Locks will not operate outside these dates, but you can still paddle the canal. The exact opening times for locks are available on the official Rideau Canal website; opening hours vary throughout the season.

Canoe and Kayak Launch off Kenneys Road.

General Information

  • Lock Number(s)/Flights: #39
  • Lock Lift meters (feet): 4.2 (13.7)
  • Lock Number(s)/Flights: #40-42 in flight
  • Lock Lift meters (feet): 13.2 (43.4)
  • Co-ordinates (Google maps): 44.54502, -76.23868
  • Civic Address: 182 Lock Road Rideau Lakes, Ontario
  • Lock Station Phone:
  • Portage: Yes (see map below).
  • Boat launch: No
  • Kayak/Canoe Launch: Yes, you can easily launch canoes and kayaks next to the bridge on Kenneys Road.
  • Previous Lock(Distance): Davis Lock (7.2)
  • Next Lock (Distance): Upper Brewers Lock (7.3)


  • Parking: Yes (free), you can drop off kayaks and canoes next to the bridge on Kenneys Road but the parking lot is off Jones Falls Road. Only a couple of minutes walk.
  • Camping: Yes ($), if arriving by water and also for cyclists and hikers.
  • BBQ/Picnic Tables: Picnic tables & BBQs
  • Washrooms: Yes
  • Power Supply: Nothing dedicated but you can charge electronics in the washrooms (not secure)
  • Garbage/Recycling: Yes
  • Potable (Drinking) Water: Yes, but do check with the lockmaster.
  • Public Telephone: Yes

Other Information

  • Local Supplies: No
  • Hiking Trails: Yes (see the map of the loop trail below).
  • Cell Phone Reception

Jones Falls Portage Map

Portage will be quicker than working your way through the three locks.

Gravel/hard surface.
Distance: 0.30 km
Elevation gain: 12 m

Jones Falls Walking Loop

If you’re just visiting the lock then it’s easy to start from the upper parking lot. Either walk down Kenney Rd towards the lower lock gates or find the short set of stairs on the far side of the parking lot and travel anti-clockwise.
If you’ve paddled your way here then this is a great opportunity to stretch your legs. It’s a loop so it really doesn’t matter where you start from.
This is an easy 1.5 km walk on well-defined paths and roadways. Interesting experience any time of year with great views of the locks and associated historic buildings. You’ll find many informative signs located throughout the location.